Whether shooting still images or video, these popular
cameras from Canon offer superb performance.
Choose from the 5D MK III full frame with amazing low
light ability or the 7D 1.6x crop  factor and very fast 8
frames per second.
Test drive the new
Canon 5D Mark III!!!
85mm 1.2L II
Rent this amazing
lens over the
weekend for the
price of one day.
Sensor Cleaning
For Digital SLR
First time renters
click below to start renting equipment.
Savage Seamless Background
Paper and Foamcore Products
  Savage Seamless Paper

54" x 36' All Colors are $29.95
107" x 36' All Colors are $44.95
140" x 100' All Colors are $149.95
Dallas Camera
In the heart of the photo district
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